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Why Book Some Guitar Lessons to Get You Started?

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There are many self-taught guitarists around who encourage others to simply pick up the stringed instrument and work it out for yourself. Although the guitar is a relatively simple musical instrument to figure out without any tutorship, this can be a mistake. Learning any instrument can be challenging, and guitar-focused lessons will help you to avoid many of the pitfalls that newcomers face when starting. Why are guitar lessons a good idea if you are a complete novice?

Tuning Methods

Many, many beginners find tuning their guitar a tricky thing to accomplish. However, doing so properly is essential. There are a couple of different methods for tuning a guitar and your first guitar lessons should cover these so you can check 'by ear' whether a string is too sharp or too flat. Crucially, this will help you to keep your instrument in tune no matter which tuning arrangement you end up choosing to play with. EADGBE is the standard most guitarists use but you might end up opting for something like DADGAD; either method will offer you transferable tuning skills you can use no matter how you play.

Correct Fingering

When you teach yourself the guitar, working out chord positions from a chart is not too difficult. However, if you go about it this way, then you are likely to choose the wrong finger positions. So, you might be able to make a D-minor chord perfectly, for instance, but if your fingers are not placed correctly, then it may be very difficult to transition from this chord to a related one, such as E-7 or A-minor. Guitar lessons help you to get it right the first time so you don't have to 'unlearn' such fingering errors.

Rhythm Techniques

Although there are many resources for learning scales and chords around, there are not many that adequately explain what you should do with your other hand, the one that is not in contact with the fretboard. Luckily, guitar lessons can help. You can start with simple strumming and then learn upstrokes as well as downstrokes. Then there are also more advanced techniques like palming and finger-picking that you will be able to experiment with if you opt for guitar lessons at an early stage. Good guitar lessons should help you to focus on the way you want to play as well as opening you up to different styles.

To learn more about guitar lessons, visit a musical teacher near you.