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How To Learn To Play The Piano On A Budget

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Learning to play the piano is a fun, worthwhile endeavour, and a fun hobby for adults. However, it can certainly seem expensive. Luckily, this article aims to explain three ways you can cut the costs of learning to play the piano, from choosing a digital piano to utilising online resources.

Try A Digital Piano At Home

Having a piano to practice at home is important, but pianos can be very expensive. One potential way to save money is to choose a digital piano, which as the Piano Technicians Guild explains, will often cost a lot less than an acoustic piano. They can make a wide variety of sounds and can also be smaller than an acoustic piano, which is great for compact spaces. You will not need to pay for tuning or for professional movers if you move homes. Of course, the choice of a piano is a personal choice, but if money is tight, digital pianos are worth looking into.

Save Money On Your Lessons

Piano lessons can be expensive, but with a little work, you can come up with a cost-effective solution. First, think about whether you know anyone who teaches piano, and who might be willing to offer a special rate for you or even a skill swap where you teach them something in return. If not, there are still options, and you should look at several different teachers to see what prices they offer. You can then speak to them and work out a schedule that suits your budget. For example, do they offer a cheaper price if you go to their home? You could also reduce the length or number of lessons you have: Modern Piano Teacher suggests 30 minutes once a week is ideal for a child if they are diligent about practice, but as an adult, you could even go for once every two weeks if you commit to the practice between lessons.

Take Advantage Of Online Resources

You can learn almost anything online, and piano skills are no exception. In addition to your lessons, you will be able to find a plethora of piano resources online. TakeLessons offers a handy list of piano-based YouTube channels, which offer everything from music theory to song tutorials to entire live-streamed classes. As well as videos, you will be able to find forums to chat to like-minded learners, free sheet music and even cheap e-books to help your learning. Spend some time searching online, and you will find a wide range of resources to help with every aspect of your piano practice.

By choosing your piano carefully, deciding on a sensible course of lessons and practice, and taking advantage of free or cheap online resources, you can make playing the piano as budget-friendly as possible.